Friday, February 17, 2012

Introducing OPP Spooks & OPP Saints

Olde Primitive Peddler Spooks & Olde Primitive Peddler Saints are NOW LIVE!

OPP Spooks is ALL Halloween, ALL the time.
OPP Saints is ALL Christmas, ALL the time.

Please do take a few minutes to visit our wonderfully talented artisans new wares.

We would also like to welcome our newest artisans,

Vivian Fuller - Blue Moon Beginnings
Rachael McGill - Curious Folk Art Dolls
Jennifer Helms - Stichin' Thyme


  1. The OPP Spring Open House Giveaway that ends 22 March with 2 winners: I have that posted on my blog giveaways sidebar. Now it says that page does not exist. Is the Giveaway still going on? Where is the page?

  2. Sorry Danice, this giveaway has been cancelled! We will be announcing another giveaway sometime this Spring:)